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Electrician Jannali

Whatever your reason may be for having your home renovated – to increase your property’s value, to accommodate your growing family’s needs, to update the look of your home, etc. – one of the first professionals that you need to have onboard for the project is an electrician Jannali residents trust.

Renovating a home is deemed to be a massive investment. And as with any investment, you would like to get solid returns. Apart from ensuring that the makeover makes your home absolutely stunning, you also need to ensure that your home is safe and potential problems like poor wiring are eliminated.

How can Sprint Electrical guarantee your safety, especially after your home’s renovation?

Assessing your home’s electrical wiring system before the renovation

If you live in an older home, it is possible that the electrical system, including the wiring and various components, no longer conforms to current building and safety standards. And with the addition of new appliances, the electrical system may not be able to handle this additional demand.

Installation of additional electrical fixtures

Often, a renovation entails the addition of new electrical features. For this, the right number of circuits need to be properly installed to handle the additional load on the electrical system.

Surge protection

Voltage fluctuations and spikes do not only damage household appliances. More than that, these can potentially cause injuries and deaths.

Sprint Electrical can upgrade power points and lighting circuits and incorporate residual current device protection to eliminate the risk of electrocution as well as damage to household appliances.

Other home renovation services

Sprint Electrical can also provide a helping hand in the installation of home theater systems, air conditioners, solar panels, sensor and LED lighting, security and CCTV, multi-room audio and wiring and lighting for new rooms.

A valuable partner and consultant

Sprint Electrical can help you at the planning stage of your home remodelling. This allows homeowners to foresee costs and factor these into their budget. Sprint Electrical prides itself in using the latest technologies and trusted brands in order to bring the benefits of safety, energy and cost efficiency to its clients.

Service without Compromise

No matter how big or small a project is, Sprint Electrical guarantees one thing: Service without Compromise. Since 2008, we have consistently delivered upon this promise through a thorough attention to detail and the ability to provide quality and reliable professional service. We assure clients the best price for quality work.

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