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Questions to Ask Your Electrician

If you’re looking to contract an electrician to do some work you want to know if they’re qualified – are you getting value for money or a cheap unqualified contractor?

An unprofessional job can not only lose you a lot of money, but it can put you and your family at risk in the future.

Knowing what type of questions to ask is important when it comes to screening out a professional that’s right for you.

Here are some of the questions you may want to consider when looking to hire an electrician.

Does the electrician have the appropriate licenses?

Electrical work is a high risk job – unsafe installations can be very dangerous.

Therefore, anyone who is offering you their services as an electrician should have the appropriate licenses.

Each state has their own Electricity Licensing Regulations so make sure you are familiar with those required in your state.

You should also ask if a permit is needed for the type of job you require

Does your electrician have the appropriate insurance?

Again, when it comes to insurance you cannot be too safe.

If anything happens as a result of his work, such as an electrical fire, he will need to be insured to cover all the damages to your property.

An uninsured electrician is also an unprofessional one.

Question him as to the type of insurance he holds. If he is unfamiliar or unsure this is probably a bad sign.

What type of work does your electrician have experience with?

Overall experience is good but what is far more important is experience with the type of work you will need done.

Some electricians specialise in a few areas and it’s up to you to find one who is familiar with your job.

Who will be undertaking the work?

Though you may assume that the electrician with whom you are talking will be the one doing all the work, this is not always the case.

If he works for a larger firm or owns his own business, there is a chance that the electrician you are talking to may not be the one who will carry out the work.

If he isn’t then you need to make sure you speak to the one who will be in charge of the job so as to ensure that they are qualified.

Can you provide me references for previous jobs of this type?

If they are new to the area or are a young business then there is a possibility that they may not be able to provide references.

However, this is essential so in this case you must ask for a reference from someone they previously worked for.

If they are already established then there is no reason why they should not provide you adequate references.

For this reason it is always good to look for recommendation via family or friends so you can be sure the testimonial is coming from someone you trust.

Get an estimate for the work to be don

This is obvious but should include not only the overall cost but incidentals such as any damages that result because of the nature of the work.

Are there any guarantees?

Electricians should assume guarantees for damages.

This is something you may want to cross references with other electricians.

Again, a guarantee is a sign of professionalism and is just as important as insurance. Ultimately when deciding on an electrician, asking the right questions is vital.

Professional household maintenance is so important to both the safety of your loved ones and the value of your property. Look for an electrician you trust so you can build a long term relationship that is good for both parties.

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