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Switchboard Repairs, Upgrades and New Installations

Always get an experienced electrician to look at your switchboard as an inexperienced tradesperson will create more problems. Commercial switchboards can be complex due to the number of connections.

Switchboard Repairs Sydney

We also carry out repairs of commercial switchboards. Older switchboards can increase the risk of shocks and fires especially in buildings with fuses that are rewireable.

If your switchboard is in an older building, chances are it may need to be repaired sooner rather than later. Older switchboard fuses get hot joints meaning the fuse itself must be replaced. Fuse wire switchboards our now outdated and should be upgraded to modern, safer components.

New Switchboard Installations Sydney

If you’re renovating your home or installing new appliances then you should consider upgrading your old switchboard.

These older switchboards were not designed to cater to the high powered appliances which now are running through them. As such, they’re more susceptible to fire and other hazards.

With a new switchboard will come new safety features such as safety switches. A safety switch by law must be incorporated into all new switchboards. This will isolate a circuit immediately if a fault is detected.

Not sure if you need a switchboard, upgrade or just are repair? Call Sprint Electrical on 1300 177 746 and talk to one of our qualified electricians about your situation.

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