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Electrical Rewiring

Is the Wiring in Your House Safe?

A defective wiring system in your home can cause damage to electrical appliances or potentially serious injury to occupants. Electrical rewiring should be considered periodically for your home. It’s most important for older homes or where there has been a recent electrical fault such as recurrent fuse problems or RCD’s that constantly trip.

Also, if you have parts of your house with rubber insulated wiring, this will need to be looked at. Rewiring includes adding light switches, fuse boards and various electrical devices to keep up with the latest technology and safety recommendations.

You may also need to upgrade your old switchboards for improved safety and performance.

Do You Need Rewiring?

The best way of knowing that your house needs rewiring is to ask an experienced electrician to look at all the wires in your house and determine their condition. Also if you’re selling your home, it’s a good idea to get rewiring as not only does this make the house safer but is also more attractive to prospective buyers.

Never Do Rewiring on Your Own!

This is a complex job that requires the expertise, skill and experience of professional electricians. It’s a very dangerous job and requires technical competency, experience and expertise. Here at Sprint Electrical, we have many years of experience in house rewiring and we service all Sydney locations.

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