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Electrical Safety Inspections

Why Should I Get an Electrical Inspection?

While there are a variety of reasons to get an inspection done, the most important is for the safety that it brings. Without regular inspections, you’re at more risk of adverse events such as electrical fire or electrocution.

Regular inspections greatly minimise the risk of such adverse.

Another important reason for having an inspection is to comply with Occupational health and safety regulations. As such, employers are legally required to maintain a safe work environment for all of their employees.

What Happens During an Electrical Inspection?

The events involved in an inspection are entirely dependent upon what is to be tested.

Our electricians will examine your appliances and switches in order to assess any faults or potential for faults. Should the electrician discover any potential threat or hazard, they will explain the problem to you as well as provide a solution for it.

In order for our electricians to properly inspect a property, they will need to shut off the power for a period of time.

What Areas Do You Service for Electrical Inspections?

Our team of master electricians handles all Sydney metropolitan areas such as the North shore, southern and Western Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD.

Wherever your needs are, we can easily reach you without any worry or frustration.

Why Choose Sprint Electrical for Your Safety Inspection?

Sprint Electrical is fully qualified in electrical inspections for homes as well as businesses. Read more about our experience here.

By contacting our office on 1300 177 746, we can quickly send the nearest member of our team today to assist you with your home electrical safety inspection.

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