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Smoke Detectors

Is Your Smoke Detector Correctly Installed and Maintained?

Smoke detectors alarm upon sensing smoke in a property and save many lives every year.

Since 2006 in Australia, there was a dramatic decrease in deaths as smoke detectors became mandatory in all new homes and rental properties.

Despite this, if your smoke detector is not properly installed and maintained (or if you have the wrong type), this can seriously impair its effectiveness.

Hard Wired Vs Battery Operated

All smoke alarms should be hard wired and not battery operated.

Interline Your Smoke Detectors

Also, the smoke alarms in your property should be interlined meaning that if one goes off, they all go off to warn people in other parts of the house of impending danger.

Smoke Alarm Batteries

Today, there is a huge variety of smoke alarms. The new models are 240V hard wired types which have 10 year lithium back up batteries. This is great news for rental properties as it reduces maintenance and costs in this area.

If you need help with choosing, installing and maintaining your smoke alarm, call Sprint Electrical today on 1300 177 746.

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