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Electrician Dolans Bay

In Australia, short circuits, ground faults and other types of electrical failure are among the leading causes of fires in the residential setting. On top of that, electrical distribution equipment and appliances account for a substantial bulk of fires in Australian homes.

If you wish to make your home a safe haven for your family, it is imperative to have your home subjected to a thorough electrical safety inspection done by an expert and licensed electrician Dolans Bay residents trust.

An electrical safety inspection can effectively minimise the risks of electrical fires and electrocution. On top of that, subjecting a commercial property to this type of inspection allows you to comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

Sprint Electricals’ personnel can conduct a thorough assessment of the condition of your appliances and conditions and bring to light any faults or potential hazards. When these issues are brought to light, you can then find the appropriate solutions to mitigate these problems.

If you live in an older home, we can inspect the wiring system to ascertain whether it is still safe to use or whether rewiring is required. Ideally, electrical wirings should be inspected regularly, especially in older homes or residences which have experienced recent electrical faults as a result of problems with fuses or RCDs that constantly trip.

Our electrical rewiring service will include the addition of new light switches, fuse boards and the latest electrical devices which adhere to the current safety standards. Should you need to upgrade your switchboards, our team of electricians are fully capable of doing so.

Electrical works are complex jobs that require knowledge, skills and experience and should never be done by an ordinary homeowner. With Sprint Electrical’s experience in handling residential electrical works, you are assured that you will truly get value for your money and greater peace of mind.

If you require an electrician for electrical rewiring, electrical safety inspections, emergency electrical repairs, home renovations, surge protection, installation of outdoor electrics and smoke detectors, commercial lighting and switchboards, you can trust Sprint Electrical to provide you with the appropriate solution.

It doesn’t matter whether the task at hand is a routine or emergency task — you can depend on Sprint Electrical’s expertise. Since 2008, Sprint Electrical has been providing residential, commercial and industrial services to the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area. You can depend on our team if you are looking for service without compromise.

We take pride in our reputation for providing professional, reliable, honest and excellent workmanship, going above and beyond the call of duty.

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