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Electrical works and repairs are never simple. No matter how small the issue may seem to be, it’s still best to get expert help to make sure the job is done safely, and is completed quickly and with sure results.

Here at Sprint Electrical, our commitment is to provide “service without compromise.” Every project we undertake receives our utmost attention and skillful workmanship. With something as delicate as electrical systems, you can’t afford to go with less.

Why hire a pro

With more homeowners seeking to cut costs today, going DIY is often seen as the most practical route to performing home repairs and improvements. And we get it. Building your own dining table or installing handmade decorative items can be fulfilling and economical as well.

But when it comes to electrical works, the truth is it’s far more expensive if you attempt to do things on your own. Our professional and objective advice: Hire a licensed electrician. Heathcote property owners and managers who have remained our clients for so many years have attested how much money and time they have saved by handing over the task to professionals with the skills, know-how, training and tools to do a good job.

Save money.

Save yourself from wasting money on buying tools or supplies that will turn out to be ill-suited for the project. Our electricians can quickly and thoroughly investigate the matter and they’ll have all the equipment they need to carry out the task without delay.

Save time.

Stop wasting your precious time trying to figure out what went wrong or what the solution should be. Avoid wasting even more time when the work you did only resulted in more problems, or required follow-up fixes or repeated repairs.

Avoid accidents.

Injury, electrocution, property damage and fires are just some of the potential situations that might arise from amateur electrical work. A licensed electrician follows a set of tested and proven occupational safety protocols that will prevent them – and you – from getting into danger in the process. No matter how many manuals you’ve read or online tutorials you’ve watched, only hands-on training and experience will be able to save you from making deadly mistakes.

Find the right solution.

Our electricians are trained not just to solve the particular issues you have reported. They’re also trained to consider the entire systems as a whole, so they will check not just one component but also the rest of the components connected to the system.

Legalise it.

In a lot of states, communities and properties, it’s strictly forbidden and illegal for electrical systems and wirings to be altered, repaired or tinkered in any way by an unlicensed individual. Avoid legal issues and fees by getting local electricians to do the repairs and perform the installations that you need for your home.

For safe, reliable, quality electrical work, call Sprint Electrical now. For emergency callouts, expect us to be there in one hour or less.

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