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Professional Installation Of Smoke Detectors

Before you install or replace any smoke alarms, there are a few things you will want to consider. Some of these things include figuring out what type of detector you want to have installed as well as that smoke alarms are actually compulsory and that you should consider the reputation of the person who is going to install your detector. You will also want to consider testing and maintaining your detectors.

What Type? Photoelectric Or Ionisation?

As for what photoelectric smoke alarms are, they are highly recommended by Australian fire services as they are more reliable and likely to alert residents correctly.

The Location Smoke Alarm

There are a few considerations you will want to make when it comes to installing your alarms. Some of these considerations include that each floor of your home needs to have a separate smoke alarm and you should install an additional detector in a bedroom if the occupant sleeps with the door shut.

Testing And Maintenance

You should be aware that should replace smoke detectors every 10 years at least. Also, you should test them out on a monthly basis and keep a spare battery on hand in the event that you need to replace the old ones.

Choose Sprint Electrical To Install Your Smoke Detector

It is extremely important that you hire a reputable electrician like Sprint Electrical as this can make all the difference in the world. A reputable and reliable electrician will be able to properly install your smoke alarm and will give give you invaluable real world knowledge on how you should test and maintain it.

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