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Tips for Smart Houses

Homes are becoming smarter and smarter these days. It is now possible to control just about anything inside of a home from a smartphone or tablet. Whether it is turning on a television, light bulb, altering the heat or checking a security camera, mobile devices can do it all. Of course, for anyone just getting […]

Electrical Safety Tips

There is no doubt that safety around electricity should be a big priority for us. Unfortunately, there are many people who aren’t necessarily attentive to such necessities. It’s highly imperative for us to ensure that we take the initiative of making our environment, whether it be our work, or our home, as safe as possible. Electrical safety consists of many […]

Professional Installation Of Smoke Detectors

Before you install or replace any smoke alarms, there are a few things you will want to consider. Some of these things include figuring out what type of detector you want to have installed as well as that smoke alarms are actually compulsory and that you should consider the reputation of the person who is […]

Underfloor Heating Systems

Why Choose and Underfloor Heating System? eating from an under floor source is ideal for hard surfaces which do not warm easily, such as bathroom tiles. This form of heating gently circulates air, decreasing the amount of dust particles that may result from hard blowing heat ventilation. This is also an efficient and practical heating […]

Electrical Wiring Installation FAQ

There are many questions that can be asked during installation and when quoting other electrical wiring tasks. Some of the questions asked by customers revolve around how, where and when to carry out various electrical wiring installations. The following is a list of questions that customers frequently ask. Can an electrician be asked to fix […]

The Importance of Electrical Power Switches

You need to have electrical power switches that are designed to protect you from accidents. These switches change the safety protocols in the house, and they make it easy for you to protect your family because these switches control the electricity in the house during emergencies. Power Surges These electrical power switches help to prevent […]

A Guide To Smart Lighting

The modern day smart light bulbs are designed to provide security, flexibility and save money, unlike the traditional hot filament bulbs which are generally non-efficient and cumbersome to operate. The Smart Light Advantage Light bulbs serve many purposes, depending on the intended function. We have security lights, special lights for social occasions and optimised lighting […]

Questions to Ask Your Electrician

If you’re looking to contract an electrician to do some work you want to know if they’re qualified – are you getting value for money or a cheap unqualified contractor? An unprofessional job can not only lose you a lot of money, but it can put you and your family at risk in the future. […]