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Electrical Wiring Installation FAQ

There are many questions that can be asked during installation and when quoting other electrical wiring tasks. Some of the questions asked by customers revolve around how, where and when to carry out various electrical wiring installations. The following is a list of questions that customers frequently ask.

Can an electrician be asked to fix wiring, wiring insertions, and electrical apparatus or a socket channel to a lessening fence?

No. Various paling fences often require some level of maintenance. They have a set of life span and usually require replacements, so that they don’t fall into a state of disorder. Subsequently, various paling fences by wood or timber used in electrical work in Victoria is not considered. Always used as boundary fences for demarcation, they are also not considered to offer enough strength for the support of electrical equipment used.

Do you need to be issued with a Certificate of Electrical Safety for minor repair work such as the replacement of faulty sockets?

Yes. All electrical installation work will require a filled and signed Certificate of Electrical Safety. You will need to provide copies of the same as well. The identity of the person carrying out the installations should be noted and he should be given a copy of the same.

Is it mandatory to issue a certificate even if a customer is not interested?

Yes. It is required by law to issue the certificates for both prescribed and non-prescribed electrical installation work in order to ensure and guarantee the safety of the public and workers alike. The purpose of the certificate is to indicate to the customer that the work has been carried out by a qualified and registered electrical contractor who is licensed by the relevant authorities. This is supported by the fact that electrical installation work is often referred to as installation, alteration, repair, and maintenance.

What are some of the compulsory tests that are necessary in order to verify that the electrical work complies with all documented guidance?

There are various tests to be carried out along with a visual inspection for a standard voltage electrical installation. Some of the tests include:

(a) Checking for Continuousness of the earthing system.
(b) Insulation resistance
(c) Polarity
(d) Correct circuit links
(e) Verification of impedance required for automatic
Disconnection of supply (earth fault-loop impedance)
(f) Operation of RCDs AS/NZS 3017 “Electrical Installations

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